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Reference interest rates

3M Euribor 0.391 RIR-UBB (BC) 0.200
RIR-UBB EURO (Ind) 0.000 RIR-UBB BGN (Ind) 0.200
last update: 19.08.2022

Dear customers and partners,

We are happy to present our best offers for Full Service Leasing - Operating lease with various services included in the lease installment. These offers are based on specific brands and models of cars selected by us and include various services according to the needs of our customers.


  Make: Dacia Renault Opel Peugeot Skoda Skoda
Model: Sandero Clio Mokka 3008 Octavia Superb
Service levels: Monthly installment:
36 months 90 000 km. Basic level: 223 € 221 € 383 € 469 € 326 € 407 €
Premium level: 266 € 259 € 437 € 529 € 381 € 462 €
Exclusive level: 289 € 282 € 460 € 552 € 404 € 485 €
48 months 120 000 km. Basic level: 196 € 192 € 332 € 417 € 288 € 360 €
Премиум: 241 € 232 € 391 € 489 € 342 € 414 €
Exclusive level: 264 € 255 € 413 € 512 € 365 € 436 €
60 months 150 000 km. Basic level: 179 € 171 € 312 € 387 € 272 € 334 €
Премиум: 218 € 209 € 366 € 458 € 324 € 390 €
Exclusive level: 240 € 231 € 389 € 480 € 347 € 413 €


Make: Dacia Renault Opel Peugeot Skoda Skoda
Model: Sandero Clio Mokka 3008 Octavia Superb
Details: 1.0 TCe Start & Stop MT 90 PS 1.0 Life Sce MT 65 PS GS Line 1.2 Start&Stop AT 130 PS ALLURE PACK 1.2 PureTech MT 130 PS Ambtion 1.5TSI MT 150 PS Business 2.0TDI MT 150 PS
Price of the vehicle: 10,584.59 € 10,209.65 € 20,324.96 € 25,259.97 € 16,608.46 € 20,754.19 €
Front-End-Fee: 52.92 € 51.05 € 101.62 € 126.30 € 83.04 € 103.77 €
Bonus mileage (km): 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
Bonus per kilometer below the mileage limit: 0.015 € 0.015 € 0.015 € 0.015 € 0.015 € 0.015 €
Price per kilometer above the mileage limit incl. bonus:  0.055 € 0.055 € 0.055 € 0.055 € 0.055 € 0.055 €

The above-mentioned amounts are in EUR without VAT

The present Offer is indicative and does not represent a financial engagement by “UBB Interlease”. The conditions shown in the present offer are preliminary and are subject of further approval by the Credit Committee of “UBB Interlease”. “UBB Interlease” has the right to change the proposed conditions during the process of the analysis of the deal. All other conditions not presented in the Offer should be interpreted according to the current policies and procedures of the Company.

Rental costs
Registration costs
State vehicle taxes
Insurance costs
Road assistance


Basic level +

Tires - storage & change
Maintenance costs - level II
Annual technical check
Vignette taxes

Premium level +

Mobility Assistance - 5 events per year
Replacement car - 10 days per year



The Lessee owes a one-off commission on the transaction, payable upon signing the lease.

Guarantee payments
The Lessor may request a guarantee payment which is refunded to the Lessee after the expiry of the lease contact and after payment of all due amounts

Lease instalments
Fixed monthly instalments, due at the beginning of each period. The payment term is 5 working days from the due date

Registration costs
Registration costs (state registration fees for the Vehicle in front of the traffic police authorities, traffic police kit, registration service)

Insurance costs
In case that lease payments include costs for insurances, they are at the expense of the Lessor under the terms and conditions described in the Lease contract. Current offer provides the following insurance coverage: Motor casko insurance and Motor third party liability insurance

Maintenance costs
In case that Lease instalments include maintenance costs, these costs are stated by type and amount in a separate Attachment. Generally all covered costs are depending on the chosen Maintenance level, as follows:
Maintenance level I - oils, filters and regular checks
Maintenance level II - oils, filter, regular checks, brake disks and brake pads
Maintenance level III - oils, filter, regular checks, brake disks, brake pads, timing belt and belts
Note: Mileage interval of maintenance service is defined by manufacturer’s individual prescribed plan of the car

In case that lease payments include costs for additional tires, they are at the expense of the Lessor under the terms and conditions described in the Lease contract

Replacement vehicle
In case that lease payments include the provision of a replacement car in case of damage to any of the Vehicles or in case of need of repair after a road accident and/or insurance event, which impose a stay of this vehicle at a workshop of the Supplier for more than three business days, the Lessor provides the Lessee with a replacement vehicle within 2 (two) business days from the date of receipt of written notification from the client

Mobility Assistance
The service is limited up to 5 events per year including transportation of the cars from and to the client’s office with the following tasks: regular seasonal tires procedures - 2 events, assistance with service / maintenance of the vehicle - 1 event, assistance with inspection / damages, insurance claims - 1 event, other - 1 event

Mileage Limit
The total mileage on the clock that is included are acceptable in the lease contract. Costs for maintenance % tires are covered only up to this mileage.

Price per kilometre above the maximum permissible run in km
In case that upon expiration of the Contract or upon termination of the Contract, the vehicle has passed more than the specified mileage proportionally of the usage, the Lessee will pay a price per kilometre, according to the predefined conditions in the lease contract.

UBB Insurance Broker
Your insurance coverage is provided with the assistance of UBB Insurance Broker.
We are pleased to inform you, that your benefits are:
• Special insurance conditions for UBB Interlease clients
• Providing assistance of car inspection at the policy beginning or the an insurance event has occurred • Our experts are available for consultation on any insurance issues
• Remote validation of the insurance policy. Delivery of the documents to any specified address • Assistance for registration in case of an insurance event
• Regular reminders of upcoming insurance payments and / or policy renewal events


All of the above services are subject to additional clarifications which are implemented in the General Terms and Conditions

For more details, please review the offer attached in the "Useful Documents" section.

UBB Interlease team

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