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Reference interest rates

3M Euribor 0.391 RIR-UBB (BC) 0.200
RIR-UBB EURO (Ind) 0.000 RIR-UBB BGN (Ind) 0.200
last update: 19.08.2022


  • Using the leased asset without any risk for the Lessee with respect to the residual value of the asset at the end of the contract;
  • The monthly lease instalments are recognized as accounting expenditures of Lessee;
  • The monthly instalments include services for ensuring the normal use of the vehicle throughout the duration of the contract, in accordance with client’s requirements and needs;
  • Optimisation and safe planning of Lessee’s expenditures in the long term;
  • Administration and management of the expenditures and services throughout the duration of the contract by the Lessor;
  • Payment of the lease expenditures on a monthly basis.        

Service Packages

Basic Package – includes the following expenses and services:

  • Registration of the leased asset;
  • Annual motor vehicle tax;
  • Roadside assistance service.

Premium Package - includes the following expenses and services:

  • All services of the basic Package;
  • Tyres purchasing, installation, removal and tyre hotel;
  • Annual technical inspection;
  • Annual vignette fee;
  • Technical maintenance, in accordance with manufacturer’s prescriptions.

Exclusive package -  includes the following expenses and services:

  • All services of the premium Package;
  • Provision of a substitute car;
  • Provision of the service „Fleet Management and Logistic Support“.


  • Lease financing type: operating lease with included expenses for using the leased asset;
  • Lessees: legal entities and sole traders;
  • Suitable for motor vehicles, means of transport and lifting equipment;
  • Financing period: from 3 to 5 years;
  • Financial guarantee: according to the specific approval for financing. (The financial guarantee is subject to refunding upon the expiration of the contractual period);
  • Service packages: predefined or at client’s choice;
  • Lease installments: annuity, including the service package, chosen by the Lessee;
  • VAT is charged and is payable on the amount of the monthly lease instalments
  • Currency of the monthly lease instalments: ЕUR;
  • Lease installments currency – in EUR or BGN.

Necessary documents

  • Lease financing application;
  • Balance sheet, income statement and tax return of the Lessee for the past 2 years;
  • Summary presentation of company’s business.
  • A copy of the quote by the supplier of the leased asset, subject matter of the lease transaction;
  • Copies of the ID cards of the authorized representatives of the Lessee company and the co-lesses.

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