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Reference interest rates

3M Euribor 0.391 RIR-UBB (BC) 0.200
RIR-UBB EURO (Ind) 0.000 RIR-UBB BGN (Ind) 0.200
last update: 19.08.2022

Partnership with UBB Interlease

  • Attractive financial parameters for your end-clients;
  • Possibility for providing security for your transactions through the EU financial tools, such as COSME, InnoFinn, etc.;
  • Speed and flexibility when processing your inquiries;
  • Development of custom-made products to supplier’s needs; Extensive experience in public tenders;
  • Extensive expertise in all legal aspects of the supply /INCOTERMS, ownership rights/ rights of protection of transactions with movable assets;
  • Extensive experience in the financing of transactions, involving the supply of assets from the EU; customs processing etc., in case of non-EU deliveries;
  • Financing of the VAT, when purchasing assets from Bulgarian suppliers;
  • Complete insurance of the assets at preferential conditions;
  • Qualification and experience in the Registration of motor vehicles, construction & agricultural machinery, etc.;
  • Recognized partner in fleet management;
  • Quick and secure communication through our own web-based software.