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Reference interest rates

3M Euribor 1.153 RIR-UBB (BC) 0.200
RIR-UBB EURO (Ind) 0.000 RIR-UBB BGN (Ind) 0.200
last update: 26.09.2022


  • Longer period of financing
  • Option for financing without initial payment
  • Preferential interest rate
  • Fast procedure for approval
  • Flexible repayment schedule with residual value at the end of the lease term

Special services and insirance conditions

  • Car assistance card on preferential price covering repatration of the car in case of low battery
  • Option for rental of conventional car at preferential prices
  • Option for insurance of the car provided by DZI


  • Minimum initial installment: option for 0% from the lease amount due upon signing of the lease contract
  • Assets to be financed: new electric cars provided by the official dealers in Bulgaria
  • Financing period – up to 72 months
  • Lease financing type - operation and financial lease with open-end and close-end financial lease
  • Lessees - Individuals and legal entities
  • Currency of financing - leva /BGN/ or euro /EUR/

Necessary documents

  • Lease financing application;
  • A copy of the quote by the supplier of the leased asset, subject matter of the lease transaction
  • Copies of the ID cards of the Lessee and the Co-lessee /for individuals/ or the representatives if the legal entity - Lessee and Co-lessee /for legal entities/
  • Balance sheet, income statement and tax return of the Lessee for the past 2 years /for legal entities/
  • Summary presentation of company’s busines /for legal entities/

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