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Reference interest rates

3M Euribor -0.152 RIR-UBB (BC) 0.200
RIR-UBB EURO (Ind) 0.000 RIR-UBB BGN (Ind) 0.200
last update: 07.07.2022


  • Free of charge COSME guarantee;
  • Preferential interest-rate conditions;
  • Better and more extensive financing options;
  • More-flexible solutions for your business;
  • Many years of experience of the companies in the KBC Group in Bulgaria in working with European programmes.
  • Choice between 4 Products under the program for every business need - COSME StartUp, COSME Support, COSME Life и COSME Green.


  • Lease financing type: open-end or closed-end financial lease;
  • Lessees: Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises according to the SME Act;
  • Assets to be financed: new and used passenger cars, light- and heavy-trucks and other vehicles /excluding passenger cars up to 3,5 tons with internal combustion engines/, construction machinery and industrial machinery and equipment;
  • Minimum lease amount:
  • Maximum lease amount: up to EUR 3 mln.
  • Financing period: from 12 to 120 months;
  • Minimum initial installment: depending on the leased asset, subject matter of the financing;
  • COSME guarantee fee – none.

The Guarantee, provided by COSME and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) covers:

  • 50% of the lease financing amount;
  • lease financing amount – up to 3 million euro;
  • Maximum period – up to 10 years.

* This Guarantee is provided by COSME and the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), established by virtue of the Investment Plan for Europe. EFSI’s objective is to support the financing and application of efficient investments in the EU and to ensure the improved access to financing. The programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 250 employees.

Necessary documents

  • Lease financing application;
  • Declaration for affiliation with other persons, based on a template;
  • Balance sheet, income statement and tax return of the Lessee for the past 2 years;
  • Balance sheet, income statement, report on the average number of employees of the related persons, according to the SME ACT in the previous year;
  • Copies of the ID cards of company’s authorized signatories – for the lessee and co-lessee/s.

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